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"The green season is here..."

The first edition of the grant is based on the poem The Green Season by Habib Sharifi. This is the point of gravity around which the laureates were led to compose their respective projects, articulated within a coherent framework allowing the emergence of a common achievement between tradition and modernity. Although each grant holder was free to propose his or her own universe, the elaboration of the final programme made it possible to polish and sculpt the whole and to make them converge as a unit according to a sequential alternation game. The final show mainly mixes music and poetry, introduced by a psychedelic and iconic short film by Saleh Kashefi, then by a musical tale proposing a fabulous myth on the birth of spring, mixed with oriental colours and mischievous ingenuity. Poetic and musical miniatures, dance and photographs weave the body of the show, remaining faithful to the themes raised by the vernal equinox: the cycle, rebirth, memory…

Green season

Come my swallow, the green season is here!

Spread your wings in the freshness of the dawn,

Smell the familiar scent of the air,

Look at the ground covered with a carpet of green,

Embrace the flower that bears the seeds of life,

She has brought to the street the fragrance of the acacias.

Come my swallow, the green season is here!

Observe the harmony of the sun, the earth and the plants,

Listen to the song of the passionate wind on the plain,

Look at the powerful movement of the clouds towards the mountain,

And the alliance of the rain and the forest in the sky.

I know the old stories,

But this spring is not like the others,

The ground is younger than foretold,

I can see the red heart of the tulip;

The eye of the narcissus will not close.

Spring is God’s season, my swallow.

Come and spread your wings in the freshness of spring.

Dance, dance in the blue cup of the universe!

Drink the light in the tavern of kindness,

Come to the convent of the rose garden,

You are of the same origin as the flowers,

My swallow.

Habib Sharifi


amin ebrahimi

Miniatures of the green season

samuel devin

The spring fresco

Salomé melchior

Poetic walk at the gates of spring

Saleh kashefi

Sophistry in the medium of cinema



Once the project has been conceived, the show is produced in the studio and an album is released to mark and crystallize the product of the winners’ summer residency. The creations are thus preserved and disseminated to the general public, and the durability of the high quality works conceived during this first edition is ensured.


The album includes musical miniatures by Amin Ebrahimi, an Iranian composer who combines oriental motifs and harmonies, romanticism and minimalism, the declamation of texts by the Franco-Austrian poet Salomé Melchior, and the musical tale by Samuel Devin.


amir sharifi


sina abédi


rebecca chaillot


anousha nazari

Classical singing

blaise rosnay


katia marks


oana besnea



Find here the photos taken during the laureates’ residence in Colonzelle in October 2022.

"The various programmes of the Habib Sharifi Bursary reserve a special place for each mode of artistic expression: live performance, music, poetry, plastic arts and photography are also considered and are the subject of actions specific to each of them. Our objective is to promote, without exclusion, talents that are unknown, passionate and in search of excellence. "

Bourse Sharifi

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