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samuel devin

Composer, Multi-instrumentalist


The spring fresco



Samuel Devin was born in 1998 in Evreux. A saxophonist, guitarist and pianist by training, he studied at the conservatory and musicology at the Sorbonne. Halfway between poetry and music, he highlights his texts through tales with the colours of his influences: jazz, variety, text-based songs (Brassens, Barbara, Félix Leclerc…) and the fantasy of gesture inherited from popular traditions. As a singer, he tackles serious and committed registers, but also lighter and more intimate themes, with the aim of offering a varied palette of interpretations of musical journeys, ranging from medieval poetry to contemporary compositions.

In 2020, he will publish a book of poems in the Poets’ Club collection. Between 2019 and 2021, he will release a trilogy of original audio stories entitled Les Décontes, followed by a variety album, Je chante par couverture, in 2022. 








Samuel Devin is inspired by the theme of the beautiful season to weave a musical tale of his own invention: "La Fresque du Printemps". The story takes us back to a distant time when animals and plants could speak. In this age, the beautiful Rana had a fabulous encounter with Nature. Trading with the various organic elements of a humid and luxuriant forest in a distant land bathed in sunlight, the young girl set out to find out the origin of spring. Through her initiatory journey and her many encounters, she finally discovers the enigma of a season that cannot be found, of a mysterious phenomenon that none of the shimmering and hospitable beings that make it up can claim to be theirs. After painstaking research, she discovered that the powerful fecundity of spring lies in life itself, and that at the origin of life lies desire...
Samuel Devin delivers here more than a tale: a myth. Nature is elemental and human; the inanimate is affected by a consciousness, and the links of the Universe constitute a divine matrix; time is abolished where the origin and the present time merge, and where fantasy and philosophy intermingle. The storyteller takes us on a picturesque stroll with the woody sounds of a bucolic guitar, a bantering double bass and a crystalline saxophone, all of which blend into a timeless atmosphere.





The spring fresco

Samuel's words

I had the pleasure of discovering Persian culture during my research for the scholarship.

I had the pleasure of discovering Persian culture during my research for the grant. It was a culture that I knew little about until then, which seemed very distant to me; in order to write my tale, I had to learn about Persian poetry, Persian myths and the tales of the Indo-Iranian basin.

It was also an opportunity for me to discover artists from different backgrounds. I was not used to working with classical musicians, poets or film-makers. I remember that it was an enriching experience, both on a human and artistic level, which allowed me to confront new situations. And that's really what I'm looking for as an artist.

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