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3Rd edition : Dawn of Hope

The Habib Sharifi Scholarship

The Habib Sharifi Scholarship, operated by the Gondishapour association, has been working since 2022 in favor of artists facing the ordeal of exile and uprooting. The winning artists, noted for the excellence of their artistic productions, are accompanied and supported by the Scholarship which provides them with the material and financial means of creation. The Iranian poet Habib Sharifi, who gave his name to the Stock Exchange, experienced uprooting in his flesh following the 1979 revolution: “Culture is this resistance which remains when everything has been taken from us”. It is in these acts of resistance, taking the form of poetry, a recital or a documentary, that humanity must come together each time the clouds accumulate above them threatening to uncertainty, suffering and dispossession.

Amir Sharifi


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What makes us an opportunity

Artistic accompaniment

Following a selection process carried out by a prestigious jury, the winners benefit from a framework of creative assistance: coaching, advice, collaboration with members of the promotion and associated artists, programming of cultural outings, etc.


The selected artists receive remuneration and accommodation in Paris for a four-month residency in order to carry out the project for which they have been accepted.

Dissemination/ Representation

The grant offers the winners the opportunity to be commissioned to create a work that will be performed, exhibited, broadcast and promoted through our partnerships with cultural organisations. This allows them not only to be honoured for their art, but also to be eligible for new encounters and opportunities.


The various programmes of the Habib Sharifi Bursary reserve a special place for each mode of artistic expression: live performance, music, poetry, plastic arts and photography are also considered and are the subject of actions specific to each of them. Our objective is to promote, without exclusion, talents that are unknown, passionate and in search of excellence.

Circle of Patrons

Supporting the Habib Sharifi Scholarship and the Gondishapour Association means helping the discovery of talent from all over the world, enabling artists to make a living from their productions and to give the best of themselves.

The Habib Sharifi scholarship is eligible for sponsorship. French tax residents: contributions benefit from a tax reduction of 66% for individuals and 60% for companies. A tax receipt will be sent to you at the end of the year.

Ready to apply?

Would you like to defend an artistic project and be included in the next vintage? You consider yourself ready to propose a work and to submit your application? Do not hesitate any longer: contact us to obtain the necessary information on the procedure and conditions of the Habib Sharifi Grant.

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