Bourse Habib Sharifi

Our grants

Our grants are deployed through several types of actions adapted to the nature of the arts considered. However, we are keen to give equal value to the different forms of artistic expression.

Artistic residency

This three-month residency at the Cité internationale universitaire de Paris is mainly aimed at creators versed in “spiritual” works, i.e. music, poetry or theatre. The aim is to create a common show based on the specificities of each of them, using a poem by Habib Sharifi that is renewed each year. The outcome of the residency is the subject of stage performances in collaboration with external artists or those close to the Exchange as well as a recording.

Plastic Arts

Each year, the Fellowship, in collaboration with the National Society of Fine Arts, launches a call for projects for a work of art (painting, sculpture). The subject of the work must be based on a text by Habib Sharifi. The selected artist’s work will be exhibited in the Galerie du Palais du Luxembourg after the deadline.

Performing arts and photographic arts

The various events may incorporate the selection or solicitation of creators specialising in the visual arts: directors or choreographers, filmmakers or photographers, dancers or actors, particularly for projects developed within the framework of residencies.

Impact film

The Habib Sharifi Fellowship is resolutely committed to an autonomous movement to raise awareness of the dramas of the world. The artists are the discreet ambassadors of often distant and unknown spaces, and become for us the carriers of testimonies of diffuse and daily sufferings as well as of intense and fleeting joys. The power of cinema lies in its ability to combine the use of the senses with the transmission of ideas with energy and subtlety. It is an effective material and a popular channel through which consciences can be stirred, souls can be moved by the awakening of the senses and the stylistic sublimation of a subject. This is why the Bourse is committed to identifying new cinematographic talent that will alert us in the darkened rooms.

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