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We keep you informed of our events, notably through the newsletter that we make available to you. On this page, you can consult our latest news, notably concerning the annual applications for the Habib Sharifi Fellowship.

Upcoming event

To celebrate the new spring equinox, while the whiteness of Nowrouz is still shining, the Gondishapour association invites you to the exceptional performance of the Habib Sharifi Grant winners, gathered in their diversity and singularity for the conception of a show in homage to the verses of The Green Season. A heterogeneous community of four young artists tune into the Persian sensibility and the oriental imagination in a dreamlike blossoming of musical tales, passionate lieder, protest cinema and elegiac orations, united in a common and protean crossing of uprooting and lack.  


Past events

The year 2022 saw the inauguration of the Fellowship and the first class. During the summer, the three laureates (Salomé Melchior, Amin Ebrahimi, Samuel Devin) and the special prize selected by the jury (Saleh Kashefi) worked together and from their respective disciplines on a stage adaptation inspired by Habib Sharifi’s poem The Green Season: a reference to spring and, thus, to the birth of the Fellowship itself, which through its initiative began the rebirth of the Franco-Iranian poet who had disappeared a year earlier by rehabilitating his work. The four-month summer residency at the Cité internationale universitaire de Paris was followed by a first stage performance, a workshop in the South of France and the studio recording of the affiliated album, before leading to the final performance in March 2023.

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