Bourse Habib Sharifi

Amin ebrahimi

Composer, Multi-instrumentalist (clarinetist, saxophonist, pianist), Conductor


Miniatures of the green season



Amin Ebrahimi is an Iranian composer born in 1985 in Amol (Iran). He started playing the clarinet in his early years, which led to a career as a professional instrumentalist. He studied art music at the Iran International Music Studies, obtained a bachelor’s degree at the Art University of Teheran, before joining the Elementary Music Pedagogy Music Academy in Wiesbaden, where he now lives. During his training he also became a saxophonist, pianist, composer and conductor.

Amin Ebrahimi’s musical identity is an elegant synthesis of post-romantic western tonal music and oriental colours, consisting of distant modes, seminal harmonies and hectic, jerky patterns. His music is part of a universal and timeless sensibility that rehabilitates the age-old Indo-European musical traditions.








Amin Ebrahimi consacre à « La Saison verte » une trilogie de pièces musicales pour piano, chant et clarinette sobrement intitulée « Miniatures de la Saison verte ». Cette sonate aux accents orientaux et intimistes s’ouvre sur une douloureuse élégie pour piano emplie de mélancolie et de passion, déclamant l’appel vibrant à l’hirondelle au sortir de la désolation de l’hiver. L’introduction émerge telle un réveil provoqué par l’ébranlement du compositeur face à sa mission assignée de prophète d’un temps nouveau. Suit alors un trio : un lied floral et laudatif reprenant les vers du poème adapté en musique. Enfin, la fresque s’achève sur une conclusion dionysiaque pour piano seul, empreinte d’une exaltante insolence et des couleurs vives d’un Orient qui recouvrent joyeusement les plaines printanières que le poème célèbre dans une pudique extase.
Amin Ebrahimi also plays a major role in the scenic appreciation of Salomé Melchior's poems by augmenting them with musical accompaniment. Ebrahimi is a confirmed fan of art music, but this time he deploys the full extent of his popular and minimalist melodic art in the background of the poems. He densifies Salomé Melchior's heart-rending poetry with intimate fugues that hardly fail to resonate with the hidden nostalgia of his miniatures.





Miniatures of the green season

amin's words

By taking on Habib Sharifi's poem "The Green Season", I was able to place my creative approach in the romantic tradition of "programme music". In this way, I fused my musical identity into this vast and exciting picture, reconnecting with my Persian roots.

This residency was a great human experience. I met beautiful people and a new culture. These environmental conditions played a definite role in stimulating my creativity, my inspiration, and allowed me to explore new horizons, to serenely tackle the conception of new scores on which I had a lot of pleasure to work.

In addition to feeling free and fulfilled, I found it very beneficial to be able to discuss the miniatures with the musicians (Rebecca Chaillot and Anousha Nazari) during the creative process. This helped to perfect the final result considerably.

It was a wonderful opportunity to combine my knowledge of Western art music with Eastern rhythmic and harmonic colours. I have conceived a triptych in which I express the intimate relationship I had with the world of Habib Sharifi, whose life was marked by the heartbreak of exile, and to whom, in a certain way, I feel close.

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